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Before I move on please know that I did not pay for these blades and agreed to produce the below video after trying them out. I received two kits, a 15 piece multi tool saw blade set which consisted of three pieces each of five different blades. And a 10 piece bi-metal saw blade set all which consisted of one style blade. I tried each of the blades out on different materials such as 1/4″ plywood, 1″ X 3″ stock, 2″ X 4″ stock, 3/4″ p.v.c. and 1 1/2″ p.v.c. pipe, light gauge angle steel and finally 3/8″ threaded rod. I thought across the board they performed well but did find that the 10 piece bi-metal struggled a bit on the 3/8″ threaded rod. Don’t get me wrong, it made the cut but on threaded rod I’d probably use my hacksaw or sawzall. All in all for the the price point of these blades I thought they provided a a good value for a fraction of what the original Fein blades cost. Speaking of multi-tool blades or even tools for that matter, I see all to often that young apprentices and even seasoned tradespeople (myself included) often like to push the boundaries of what the blade or tool was designed to do.


In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating this relevant truth, Management Action Programs (MAP) is proud to announce the recipients of its 12th Annual Presidential Awards. The MAP Presidential Award calls out the excellence of leaders who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to effectively leading themselves, their teams and their organization. Yet the award also spotlights their team’s success in using the MAP Management System™ to achieve breakthrough results. A proven business-management solution, the MAP System leverages MAP’s customized consulting and an accountability process to execute Vital Factors® Goals. This process is the critical, differentiating factor that’s enabling these organizations’ achievement. It’s also giving these organizations a significant marketplace edge in providing the strategies to sustain the healthy business-management habits of their disciplined leaders . “These are impressive organizations,” says John Manning, president of MAP, the Los Angeles-based firm that has helped 170,000 leaders in more than 15,000 organizations over the past 50+ years. “They’ve worked hard to embrace and uphold structured accountability in everything they do. They’ve transformed their organization from the top down, developing strong companies with loyal employee and customer/client followings. With MAP’s proven system, they’re experiencing greater performance, profitability and overall health.


“The weekend was lovely,” a relaxed and lackadaisical Obama told reporters. “Watching the sun set in our side by side bathtubs really allowed me and Vlad to get down to the real issues.” Although the summit meeting had a rocky start when Mr. Putin found it difficult to fall asleep in the shared heart-shaped water bed, the ocean sound generator provided by the resort quickly calmed him down. The retreat, rumoured to have involved deep tissue massages and detoxifying seaweed body wraps is being praised by US and Russian media alike as both nations look for stronger post-Cold War ties and more “quality time”.    With the AP exam only two days away use these tricks to help you ace the test!   The Graders are just as confused as you, use this to your advantage. No one has willingly read The Catcher in the Rye since High School. Feel free to add whatever details you want. Develop a unique voice in your essay as you regurgitate the accepted analysis. Write such a long essay the grader doesn’t read it and gives you an “8.” Write such a short essay the grader is so grateful they give you an “8.” Graders only get to hear what you have to say.


The problem is that everyone including myself had their washing machines emptying into their septic tanks which in the septic world is the kiss of death! When the soap from the washing machine cools down, it solidifies causing the holes in the leaching pit to clog and allowing the water to back into the septic tank and then into the house. Not a very pretty sight! Eventually, everyone started to divert the washing machine waste in some creative ways. Some had dry wells installed in their backyards while others ran a 3″ piece of p.v.c. pipe under their front lawns and out thru the curb into the street. It wasn’t legal but it did solve the septic tanks from prematurely backing up into your house. I was ahead of the curve because I was performing regular enzyme treatments which kept a check on the soap build up, but as my system got beyond the 20-year mark, I ended up having to install a dry well or be faced Gordontheplumber.com Commercial Plumbing Near with quarterly pumpings which would run anywhere from $110-&125.00. Ouch!


Move the shim away from the blade for smaller adjustments and closer for larger ones, or vary the thickness of the shim. Remember, both pieces need the exact same cut to fit precisely. Even the best carpenter can’t cut a tight-fitting joint with a dull saw blade. Invest in a good carbide trim blade for your power miter box. Read the labeling on the package and choose a blade designed for cross-cutting trim on a power miter box. A thin-kerf 60-tooth blade will make even the least expensive miter box perform like a champ. Also rent or buy a power trim nailer and compressor. It’s much easier to get great results when you can hold the molding in place with one hand and drive the nails with the other. Cut a shim just thick enough to slip under a straightedge spanning the drywall corner. Use this shim to elevate the outside edge of your trim molding (Photo 3) before cutting it. Trim back the drywall with a sharp utility knife until the trim molding no longer rocks when it’s set in place against the jamb and drywall.


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