9 Things You Can Learn About Plumbing

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Eligible females diminishing; School in crisis. During recent years, the percentage of lesbian, bisexual, and ‘bicurious’ females in the average high school has exploded throughout schools all over the US. This recent change has been pinpointed to the start of the 21st century, and has risen dramatically every passing year. In recent years however, the rate has nearly quadrupled. In 1993 the average percentage of lesbians in a high school was 3%, and is now nearly 97.36%. The impending future, if this situation is left unchecked, is catastrophic. But we needn’t even look that far ahead; this epidemic is already having massive consequences, namely, the physical and mental harm caused to young men across the country as a result of the absence of sexual interactions with young women. “The injuries I have sustained due to the lack of eligible, heterosexual girls are unbearable, and the various ointments and aloes for my affected areas are putting a huge fiscal strain on my Gordontheplumber.com 24 HR Plumbing Nearby household. It’s destroying my family.


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